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Feb 19,  · Free Game Recorder - Try the free version of Bandicam Game Recorder, Bandicam is the best Game Recording Software for gamers. It allows you /5. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone , Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for iRecorder.4/5(2). iRecorder pro is a quick and easy to use recorder for iPhone and iPad, with Wi-Fi transfer to any computer. iRecorder is designed to be quick and easy to use. Great for on-the-go capture of your thoughts, ideas, notes-to-self, lectures, concerts, music, you name it!

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One of the most handy features of any Android device is the ability to record yourself. There are plenty of reasons for wanting to do so as well. Musicians may want to record a new idea, journalists need to record interviews, and some even set it up to see if they talk in their sleep.

Your smartphone is perfectly capable of handling it for you! Here are the best voice recorder apps for Android! Note taking apps also have voice recording capabilities. You can find our best list for that just below.

If we missed any of the best voice recorder apps for App irecorder, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! More audio recording apps you might find useful! Call Recorder is one of the most popular voice recorder apps. It also records phone calls. It's not great for general app irecorder, though. The app features incoming and outgoing call recording, app irecorder, playback options, white and black lists, and more.

You can even set your source to be a microphone, a voice call, app irecorder, or a video camera. App irecorder good for app irecorder it is.

The free version contains advertising while the pro version does not. Otherwise, app irecorder, both versions should work pretty much the same. Easy Voice Recorder does what the name suggests. It provides an easy method to record things with your app irecorder. You open the app, hit the mic button, record, share as needed, and then close the app. It also has a few additional features, like the ability to change what kind of file type you record to.

It also has widget support. The pro version also includes support for stereo recording, Bluetooth app irecorder support, and more. The pro version also removes the advertising from app irecorder free version. Hi-Q is one of the more powerful voice recorder apps out there. It records in MP3. That makes the sound files compatible with virtually everything, app irecorder.

Along with that, you can have it upload automatically to Dropbox once recording finishes. It also comes with widget support, the ability to choose which mic on your device you want to use assuming you have more than onesupport for Wi-Fi transfer, gain control, and more.

The paid version adds a few more features as well. LectureNotes is one of the best app irecorder for college students. It does a lot of stuff. You can take notes, organize those notes, and use them later for your homework. The app doesn't record audio natively.

Additionally, it lets you record stuff while you use the regular LectureNotes app. That makes it an excellent one-two combo for, well, lectures. You can also get a plugin for recording videos as well. It's a bit of a heavy package. Thus, we don't recommend this for people looking for a simple, lightweight recorder. However, if you're college, this is about as good as it gets.

Take a break with some more excellent app lists! Music Maker Jam Price: Free with in-app purchases. App irecorder Maker Jam is an audio recording app for musicians. It's a great app for recording some lyrics, music, or whatever else you feel like doing.

The app records multiple tracks, includes an editor for fine tuning your production, and additional tools for remixing and otherwise mastering your work. There are in-app purchases. They let you buy things like loops and other such content.

It also has direct integration with SoundCloud, Facebook, and most other social networks. This is a little much if you just need to record a meeting or a lecture at school, app irecorder. However, musicians should definitely try this one first, app irecorder. Otter is a voice recorder for professionals.

Its feature set is mostly for app irecorder meetings and other more serious matters, app irecorder. It does the basics like recording, sharing, app irecorder, and playback. It also includes a transcription service, cloud storage, cross-platform support, and it even supports stuff like photos.

The free version includes minutes of transcription per month. The premium subscription offers over 6, It's very powerful, but only if you really need stuff like cloud storage, transcriptions, and more powerful stuff like that.

Snipback is a different kind of voice recorder app. Like most voice recorder apps, it performs the basics. It also has some other features like audio quality selections, app irecorder, recording duration selections, and a noise reduction filter, app irecorder.

What makes it unique is the ability to recapture up to 30 seconds of audio from before you started recording. It could drain a bit of extra batter, but it's still pretty neat. Voice Recorder Price: Free, app irecorder. Voice Recorder is a fairly standard and uninteresting voice recorder app. That may be its best feature. You can do the basics like record, trim your audio, export to MP3, app irecorder, save your recordings, playback old recordings, and share.

That's all it does, app irecorder, basically. You can do some stuff like adjust the sample rate, but most of the app is straightforward. This is a decent option for people who just want something simple and free to record something. Those who want something more powerful have a whole list here to reference. This one just records audio and outputs it for your use.

It does contain ads. Thankfully, Voice Recorder app irecorder a better app than its bland name would imply. It is a fully featured app that likes to keep it simple. On top of that, the interface is easy to use, files are easy to find and manage, and this can be used to record phone calls if its device and OS supported. It also has other features such as a bitrate option and much more, app irecorder.

It's one of the more serviceable and simple voice recorder apps. Your phone's native voice recorder apps Price: Free, app irecorder.

The voice recorder apps on your phone are no slouch. For starters, they are always free. They're also already installed so it won't take up any more of your storage. They're generally simple with the basic features. However, for some devices, app irecorder LG's V-series phones, the voice recorder app may tap into hardware features of the phone that third party voice recorder apps simply cannot do. You should definitely try the one that almost certainly came on your phone first just to be sure that you actually need a third party app.

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Jul 23,  · ‎iRecorder Pro is a quick and easy to use audio recorder for iPhone and iPad, with Wi-Fi transfer to any computer. Customers LOVE iRecorder, you will TOO! SIMPLY THE BEST: iRecorder is designed to be quick and easy use, and simple to understand. Great for on-the-go capture of your thoughts, ideas, n /5(K). Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder. Voice recorder designed for high-quality long-time sound recording with a simple and nice user interface. With a skipping relative silence on-the-fly feature you can use it to record night sleep talks (or snoring, whatever comes first:)), a regular day of your babysitter, business meetings, /5(K). Nov 15,  · Lumia LTE. Windows 1. Voice recorder can not record while screen turned off. If you record 2hr clip, screen stays on for 2hrs or it won't record. 2. Can not run in background. You have to keep the app opened as long as you record. Otherwise it stops recording. 3. Doesn't save recorded clips.3/5().