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Phone Swipe is a scam. My wife registered to try the service, but the app was pretty bad, so we couldn't use it. Meanwhile, without her ever using the service, they rang up 6 months of monthly fees claiming she had signed up for something she had not signed up for.5/5(1). Phone Swipe or Square? Mobile credit card processing is gaining widespread popularity, and for good reason, smartphone technology has come a very long way in the last few years and has proven to be a good fit for some merchants to accept credit card payments on their phone. It also makes accepting cards more accessible to the micro businesses that before smartphone payment options could not. CURRENT PHONE SWIPE USERS To make mobile credit card processing streamlined, provide the highest level of service and offer the latest in mobile payments software, we’ve switched your Phone Swipe account to a PayAnywhere account. Continue to accept credit cards by downloading the PayAnywhere app and uninstalling Phone Swipe. The mobile POS features and functionality are the /5().

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Try Square POS. I gave them an average rating, but noted that they seemed to be improving. I also noted that the NAB advertising and marketing can be very confusing, with multiple websites advertising different information regarding the same services. Here, too, I have to clear something up.

You may already have heard about the popular mobile processing provider PayAnywhere. North American Bancard also owns and operates PayAnywhere. In fact, the two apps are essentially identical, as phone swipe reviews the rates, fees and service options. The difference between the two mainly takes the form of marketing. NAB allows independent agents to sell and market Phone Swipe in a variety of ways, while PayAnywhere is fairly standardized via their website.

This should lead to better account stability and less likelihood of withheld funds. Check out this article for more information about the difference between aggregators and standard providers. The app itself has a ton of useful functions including above average inventory options as well as nice in-app reporting tools. The user interface is a little bit clunky and has a few glitches, but with a little improvement this could be a frontrunner in terms of free smartphone payment processing apps.

Beyond that, the rates seem fair and the next-day funding really comes in handy for most merchants. Unfortunately, I am still seeing a lot of complaints come up about account terminations and withheld funds. For their efforts and very promising software, I give Phone Swipe 3. Read the full review for more information and check out our mobile payments comparison chart to see our favorites!

The rates and fees used by Phone Swipe are in line with the industry standard for standalone, phone swipe reviews, pay-as-you-go mobile processing. Users can also expect a couple of standard perks: A free card reader and no monthly fees for service.

Read on to find out about potential surcharges. Unfortunately, it seems like there may be surcharges not discloses in the fee schedule. This is from their Terms of Service:. Unless your Card Services Fee Schedule specifically addresses commercial cards i. Be phone swipe reviews, very careful here, phone swipe reviews. Personally, I would not sign this without explicit disclosure of these surcharge amounts.

Only swiped corporate cards carry the surcharge. While this explanation sounds reasonable and I generally believe it although he was not very forthcoming or direct with this infophone swipe reviews, you should phone swipe reviews cautious since by agreeing to the terms you are legally allowing Phone Swipe to apply any number of surcharges. Your phone swipe reviews agreement renews in day increments, but you have no penalty for cancelling the service. You should note, though, that it appears you must return the free card reader at your own expense if phone swipe reviews wish to cancel:.

While Phone swipe reviews Swipe puts most of the deal out on the table for prospective merchants, phone swipe reviews, they intentionally avoid some of the more touchy issues involved with processing.

Furthermore, there are major discrepancies between their advertised terms and the actual contract they have you sign, including non-qualified surcharges and card-not-present limitations. Many phone swipe reviews have also reported lackluster performance.

Have you worked with Phone Swipe? Please leave us your review. Your help allows us to make these reviews accurate! The good news? The Phone Swipe app itself has a few issues worth noting. These complaints came up at least a few times on the phone swipe reviews. Personally, I found the app to be very useable. Beyond that, I do like that Phone Swipe gives you an actual merchant account with no monthly fees.

Feel free to leave us your review. For a standalone, pay-as-you-go mobile processing service, I actually think Phone Swipe could be a good option. At a glance I like their app, that they offer a merchant account, and that their pricing seems reasonable. Unfortunately, phone swipe reviews, I do not like their contract!

They are less favorable than your standard mobile processor. Until they revise this language or otherwise prove to me that these terms are not enforced, I can only offer Phone Swipe a modest 3.

I hope to come back to this with good news in the near future. In the meantime, please take a moment to check out our mobile payments comparison chart. Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. I have never heard of PhoneSwipe however I did receive a card reader out of the blue last week. We never registered or used the card ready, just put it on a shelf.

Stay away!!! VERY Disappointed! After careful consideration, we have elected to phone swipe reviews our right to cancel our merchant agreement with your company. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If further assistance is needed, Merchant Awareness is available at I sell advertising, what are they nuts?

Smelling scam! The app works great, but when you need customer service, you phone swipe reviews out of luck. I sat on hold for over 30 minutes before just hanging up and looking for a new company to work with. This company is horrible. Never used them a day in my life due to the fact of never getting swipe or not even being able to sign onto my acct.

Then received a bill from them. Tried to call and everybody was extremely rude. I highly recommend you do not use this company. The app works great. The service, on the other hand, is horrible. So embarrassing to ask them to go to an ATM for cash to check out! I am not sure how no extra fees come in to play? Did have an issue with a charge that they put a hold on the funds for several weeks as they said it was a larger charge than I have signed up for.

At this time I am looking into other companieis. I tried it 2 years ago and decided it was not for me, phone swipe reviews. I did not officially cancel it, phone swipe reviews, as I did not know I needed to.

SO Now they charged me an inactivity fee. The worst credit card accepting app there is. The company is a scam. Why would any customer give there information to anyone. They are a fraud and a scamper. Phone swipe is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working. The customers card was processed, but I did not receive the money. I contacted phoneswioe and they requested a singned contract from the customer. I provided this. They still did not release the funds.

They requested copies of my bank statements. I provided them, phone swipe reviews. Still, no money. They wanted to speak with the customer, who was an attorney and very busy. The customer agreed to contact phone swipe. Three months and many phone calls later, phone swipe reviews, the funds were released.

Along with the money, I got an email terminating my relationship with phone swipe phone swipe reviews no explanation as to why. Thank goodness, as I never would have used them again. This was a very unpleasant experience. I ended up using PayPal, which has been excellent. Stay away from phone swipe!!

Been using PhoneSwipe for almost three months now with no issues. I accept mostly cash, but needed something to take an occasional credit card.

Online application was quick and easy. The app itself was easy to set up and use.



phone swipe reviews


Feb 23,  · If you are considering Phone Swipe it may also be sensible to examine other subcategories of Best Mobile Payment Systems listed in our base of SaaS software reviews.. It's essential to realize that hardly any software in the Mobile Payment Systems category is a perfect solution that can match all the goals of all business types, sizes and industries/ Phone Swipe or Square? Mobile credit card processing is gaining widespread popularity, and for good reason, smartphone technology has come a very long way in the last few years and has proven to be a good fit for some merchants to accept credit card payments on their phone. It also makes accepting cards more accessible to the micro businesses that before smartphone payment options could not. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Orange at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(K).